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Hi all

We had planned to fish Durdle on Saturday but didnt get there, as we wanted to be there with some daylight hours to spare. So on Sunday, we made our way there. Was very windy at the top, but lovely and sunny and warm .

Made our way down, and despite thinking it would be too busy, there wasnt too many people on the beach. Wasnt that windy when we got down there, and made our way along the beach so we could fish in front of the bull.

Decided to practise casting, and within 2 casts I had some mackeral. Mike was next in with the mackeral, so that was fresh bait sorted. Next the Pollack turned up, along with the pout.

A few people taking photos along the beach, and took a few of us silhotted in the background. Had a chat with them bout fishing, then got into the night fishing.

Not much to report on this occassion, but had a great nights fishing, although was knackering walking back lol.

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