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DV8 Maddie delight

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I had my first go of one of these last night and I think it's a great bit of kit for Maddies, fits two large Maddie baits on a wessex rig perfectly, no problems with ejecting (see proviso below) or rig tangles, absolutely flies out and will put Maddies out further than I have ever achieved before, more discrete and sits flusher with the sea bed than the original Dvices.

The downsides I found were: you can't preload the Maddies into the capsule as they crawl tail first out of the flutes and that can lead to them sticking/breaking (only really applies if you're double patting) and I can't see what other baits apart from small King Rag baits and single crab/shellfish baits would fit in them. So they are a pretty specialised bit of kit imo that's worth having for the Maddies thing alone but would also be good for Hounding with a Bass type rod.

Just my opinion but it would be good to hear what other uses people have found for them.
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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