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East Neuk This Week

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I had taken the chance last week,with the tides being so small the previous weekend as to make lug digging difficult,to put some mackerel in the freezer for winter,so this week it was back to bait fishing.Unfortunately the weather is still not playing the game and big swells and choppy seas are still the norm around these parts.Rock fishing was pretty much out of the question so on wednesday evening I headed to Pittenweem for a couple of hours.The fishing was bit slow and certainly not improved by a crowd of teenagers messing about for most of the time.Good lot of wrasse bites but a lot of trouble hooking up,losing bait after bait.Eventually landed 3 middling wrasse. Last night the sea was still choppy,with the swell so changed tack a wee bit and headed off for some flounder.Turned out quite well with 9 flounders more or less around the pound mark,and another 3 wrasse,although smaller this time. Dare we hope the sea will calm through the week?

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Looks like a good session you had.

Never fished out the Fife way before, but looking at those pictures will be giving it a go soon.
Well done Bob.Alot better than me un Davie the penter managed last night anyway.Conditions were prity crap au tha same.
Some cracking pics there Bob - looks like you had a couple of doublers as well mate :thumbs:
I might try and sneak another early morning flounder sesh in before i head back to work on Mon..
Although i haven't blanked yet on holiday so do i quit while i'm
another good haul o fish m8, well done :clap:

i will have too keep that in mind if im out for the flatties, load up with beads etc,

good pics too :thumbs:
well done bob, im away doon the coastguard station to give it a try for a couple of hours,will let you konw how i get on:thumbs:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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