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Hi im new to this site and have read a great deal of helpfull threads since i have joined,so well done to all involved.

My questions are A. Has or does any one fish from eastpreaston beach near angmering ? Are there any fish there ?? And B. If i was to go night fishing for smuts where would be the best place that is in walking distance to littlehampton?

Also am i right to belive that to get peeler crabs i should ask the kiddies if i can go through there crab buckets and look for ones about to shed ?

Thanks in atisipation for your answers.

P.S I will be doing a bit of fishing thursday,friday,saturday and sunday of this week if any one would like to hook up (sorry) please let me know. I will be at Littlehampton twice also at brighton and worthing. thats those 4 days covered :p)

PPS I am a complete amature but happy to admit it.

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