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<font color='#000000'>Was out yesterday along the shoreline of East Fife; and found localised masses of small coalfish/pollack over rough ground. Also some codling, running to a little over six pounds tops.

Most fish were between 1.5 and 2.5lbs, with only one running bigger as above. The boat codling total was about ten fish tops, not exactly high production, but a bit more than we expected.

To get the most fun out of these mostly fairly small fish I used a (particularly stiff) light baitcaster with a wee baitcasting multiplier, working a leash of small Sabiki lures (hooks very soft on these things&#33;) with a smallish Dexter Wedge on the bottom, fished like a very small pirk. When cod were there, they hit this within seconds of touching bottom. I also used a 65lb superbraid to maximise contact with the rig, and this helps a lot to keep contact with it. it&#39;s also pretty good for pulling out of snags unless you&#39;re really anchored properly ot the bottom&#33;

Over this ground I&#39;ve found that Pollack also like these little Dexter lures, and had them up to 10lbs fished as above over inshore reefs - where tackle losses can be fairly heavy.</font>
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