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After digging some lug, headed for the IOTB to take advantage of the weather conditions, but, due to a mixture of the swell, wind and a touch of weed I was struggling to hold the bottom. After a couple of casts decided to get the gear back in the van and try somewhere else.

Headed for Eastoke. I was quite surprised to see only one other chap fishing? Anyway, got settled and chucked out a big juicy lug and limpet cocktail, set up my second rod with a clipped up two hooker then brought in the first rod with a decent bass of about 3lb. This was the tune of the evening, I had 4 more Schoolies up to a 1lb and a half, 4 Whiting and 3 Pout. Then the wind seemed to pick right up to the point that my stand kept trying to fall over, so called it a night at about 11ish.

The chap fishing along from me (hello if you're on here) was pulling in some decent dogs, whiting and pouting, one of which was a bloody monster!

An enjoyable session, would like to get out tomorrow but don't know of the conditions will be a bit too wild? We'll see!
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