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Easytide are running a poll on the tide prediction site, sea angling not an option to tick so I emailed them;


Dear Sir,

With reference to your comments regarding EasyTide.

We have now been advised by the Product Manager that our web team will add Sea Anglers to the list of options and apologies for missing them out initially.

Many thanks for bringing this matter to our attention.

if you use easytide

when the option apears, please click on the poll to raise sea anglers profile at The Home Office.
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Well done Captain!
i noticed the poll the other day had sea anglers missing but didn't think to eamil them Well Done
Just been on there, sea anglers still not down
Just been on there, sea anglers still not down
me to ,we didnt last long did we,well done for raising the issue in the first place m8,im sure they will put us back.:clap3:
wayhay, fishing is finally an option on the poll, i just done it :clap3: :clap3: :clap3:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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