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Taking advantage of the weather myself and 2 mates headed off downriver a bit to fish the Oaze.

Bait was half a 11kg box of unwashed squid and 300 odd lug (we all wish we'd dug harder now!)

The ebb started fairly slowly with the tide ripping through. Only a few dogs and ting for the first 2 hours. Then a good breakout and I a cod was on, then it was off! With adrenalin still pumping through me I reeled in a mangled ting. With an 8/0 pennel and both hooks on offer I was to say least a bit disappointed.

However, the very next cast produced a small codling of around 2.5lb and a steady flow of fish followed, up to 6lb. My livebait rig had set there motionless for over half an hour when I noticed a couple of slow nods on the rod tip and the line was off downtide. Reeling in to some serious weight I thought, this is the one I've been waiting for. Problem was it wasn't fighting! After a few minutes an 11lb roker hit the surface. Lovely fish, but not the target species. My live bait rig had worked, with only a bit of the tings skull and lips left on the line!

Anyway, finished the ebb with 8 codling and seeing as I'd snaffled 7 of them and the roker I was a happy bunny.

Word of warning! There were shed loads of dogs around and they just loved the squid. All the codling fell to lug.

It was now getting dark so pushed back up river to fish on top of the Nore sands on the flood. My thinking being that's where the big'uns will be hunting. Despite giving it 3 hours we only managed 1 more codling. The best one at 6.5lb and it fell to a squid. Very little other activity on the bank so probably should have stayed put at plan A.

Filleting done and all packed away in the freezer. yum yum I do love cod....
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