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Headed to the lighthouse for afew hours today armed with frozen-squid,macky,and lug.
Set up 3 rods between me and my dad-

1)Running ledger
2)3 Boom Paternoster
3)2 Hook Paternoster

Wasn't much action at all but i got one flounder on my 3 boom rig on a macky/squid cocktail.
After that i had a huge bite but it took me to the kelp and lost it :p
Lost one rig after that.
Nothing on the running ledger so I baited up some feathers with macky and left them on the bottom,Eventually my rod started to bounce and i pulled in 3 wee coaly.
Dad blanked :D
So overall a beautiful day with me catching 4 fish :D
Last year between me and my dad we managed 17 species,this year so far we have had 3. We're trying to beat 17 and hopefully will have some more species on the list aftre our break in the isle of wight this week.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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