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Alrighty all.

Fished Elliot beach yesterday from 08:30-15:00 and the Tayport until around 19:00.

Got up nice and early to make the trip over to Lower Largo to pick up a mate and his friend, then made our way up to the mark hoping for some Bass, Flounder, Turbot etc.....

However not all went according to plan :thumbdown

The rain was stupendous - beaten in annoyance factor only by the damn weed...Oh my god! what weed.

Fished the ebb and the flood, middle of beach beside the gulley and between the three of us fishing, we had 5-6 Flounder, the biggest shy of a pound. My target species were Bass and turbot and there was only one sign of either and that was a really good Bite that I missed beside the sandbar as the tide started racing back in - Doh!!!

Evenutally after getting hammered by literally tonnes of weed, we decided to hop along to Tayport to give it a shot. Lots of sun around and plenty of Sea trout jumping clear of the water, pitty we came only equipped with 15ft rods and beach gear!! :bicycle: We managed about 6more small flounder...My mate is going back today armed with a spinning outfit.

The one thing that did go right was christening my new shakespeare red twin tip 15ft - What a rod! If anyone has thought about a great rod for flexible fishing but with plenty of power, that allows casting for miles with very little effort, this is the one..:clap: I cannot wait to get up to Etive to try for the Spurs with this one.

Oh and forgot to say the mark at Elliot beach looks like in certain conditions, it would fish its socks off!

Anyways, no photies as my camera was in the car..

Better luck next time..Tight lines all!

P.s. Got a feeling the cod season is going to be a good one..Not at all sure why. Maybe the optimist in me!! :fishing:
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