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Hi folks I have a yanmar inboard engine in my boat and I need to replace the engine mounts, the one’s in use at the moment are original yanmar and the rubber has split from the metal.
I have priced new ones from main dealer and they are very expensive so my questions to my knowledgeable peers out there are
1 Is there a cheaper alternative?
2 Can I get them repaired?
3 Any suggestions?

I have repaired both car and generator engine mounts with superglue. The rubber to metal is bonded in the 1st instance in some way. I took the mounts out cleaned the faces to be joined with acetone. Then glued and clamped them in a vice overnight. It workid fine. The car was sold with them still intact after several K miles. The 3 phase generator mounts fixed a year ago runs most days to run some 3 phase powered equipment as we only have a single phase supply.
Only problem you may have is if they are softened with oil and mushy. Then it may not work too well. Worth a try though. :)

Sorry forgot to say don't use a cyanoacrylate hardner accelerator. This makes the glue go off and set too rapidly. Allow it to set natuarally for the best bond.

Try contacting Five Star Adhesives. You can find them on ebay. They do different grades and viscosity's for all sorts of applications.
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