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I think I have the solution to all our woes.

I notice that as soon as the party manifestos were posted on the forum, all the members were driven away. Hardly a twitter from anyone. This set me thinking (difficult at the best of times).

If Swelleyman's now lost posting on music attracting fish has any foundation, could the opposite work with party political speeches. It certainly works with me. If so we need a few boating member volunteers, equip the boats with underwater loudspeakers, translate the bulls**t, sorry, part political speeches into Spanish and French, and then sail to Spanish and French waters and herd to fish back to the UK. We will need to agree a fair distibution beforehand because I would not like to see, say Taff2 as an example, steering them all to Wales, Not that I think any member of the forum would stoop to such a foul trick, After all, we are British.

Whilst on this subject, Swelleyman,I think you should be a little more careful with your postings. I read your article on music attracting fish, and felt it made a great deal of sense and I tried the experiment with my wife in the bath. I explained to the policeman that it was part of an experiment and referred him to your posting. He said that there was no mention in the posting of holding her down and that if she was reluctant I should not proceed. He said that because of my age and the fact my wife agreed not to press charges, he would overlook the incident.

Swelleyman, you must post cautions when detailing your experiments. You should realise, being a learned man, that there are idiots like me who take your words as written in stone. As a result, and to avoid prosecution, I have had to agree to remove the live bait from the bath and thow out the tin one my wife was using. A great sacrifice I think you would agree.

Keep posting Swelley, they are good for my grey cells.

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