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Alryt guys, needing a little bit of help, i put this thread on the wrong two forums :roll1:. My mate and I and a few members of our club (Sea Argyll- Oban) are hoping to travel down to fish the open in 2012 between 2nd and the 4th of march. Help i need is:

Where would be a good location to fish which is near to the event headquarters easy to get to weigh ins ect.?

Where is the best place to stay for the days its on, hotels close to where we would be fishing?

Is there a website with details of next years comp. with rules and entry forms or is it to early?

Would really appreciate any information, including any pms, cause we are desperate to attended and getting things sorted now would make it easier. I've checked it out on google maps, im not sure which beaches you can fish ect. Thanks alot :thumbs:
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