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Evening All

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One member of a small group of friends who like nothing better than spending the day (or two when the wife allows it) fishing.

Two of the four are experience course fishermen, the other two (Me and my 16 year old son) love a bit of sea angling, but now are stepping up a gear from messing about on holiday in mackerel boats to spending a bit more time on this hobby.

Last week we were all at Old Portsmouth, having had an 8 hour charter cancelled (wisely) due to the weather, so stood for the day on the harbour by the Isle of Wight ferry terminal.

All caught, and one caught a very decent sized Bass

I will be looking for advice about marks, and kit and hope to join in with what seems like a lively forum
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Welcome to the forum mate, plenty of info on Old Portsmouth on here, ask away - look forward to your reports. :thumbs:
Welcome to the forum mate. I also live in Bucks , I coarse, fly and have now started sea fishing. Hope we can get together for a sea fishing trip.
At this rate WildBrownie we will have to hire a mini bus to go fishing as the group is slowly getting bigger
I am changing my car next year, I wonder if my misses will mind me changing it for a minibus lol....
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