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Eventful Dunwich 28/1/23

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Well myself and my fishing bud Gus planned a trip to Dunwich this morning aiming to get there for around low water. I nearly called off as I woke at 4am ish with a rather unpleasant back pain that I was hoping would shake off pronto! Anyway after several strong cups of hot joe and a couple of painkillers I went for it.
We arrived to an empty car park to our surprise and made our way to our usual mark (myself still struggling with the back). We got to our mark and I just couldn’t get into the spirit whatsoever but told myself to pluck up the motivation. So I took a minute to take in the surroundings, the calmness of the water and proceeded to get going just before low water. I didn’t bother with any frozen again and armed with some lug & rag. One rod with a 2 hook flapper targeting the dabs & a pulley pen in the hope for anything else. I had a slow start but Gus had a double shot of either dab or whiting nearly every time. Must have been his new rigs he made, they did look pretty nice! Eventually I got off the mark with a few whiting that were tiny but saves a blank I told myself.
As the morning progressed, more anglers were arriving on the beach and plenty of walkers & e-bikers! Then the day for me especially went down hill.. first of all I hefted up which took me by surprise as I’ve never had been in that mark before and I thought there was no way that’s coming back but to my surprise it was coming in while I lowered the rod horizontally and walked up the beach. After 10 minutes of trying I eventually see what I had got caught up in…. a mass of fishing gear! What a mess it was. So re-rigged and got back out there then proceeded to pick through the bundle of gear and then we had a visit from a rather dam right rude dog walker trying to lecture us about fishing and how we were the cause of the low levels of fish in the oceans. To be honest Gus was taking most of the brunt but some of the stuff she was saying was terrible, I’m glad I bit my lip! That put me in an even more of a mood! Anyway, carried on fishing trying to put it behind me and then blow me I got hefted again but this definitely wasn’t budging so lost that gear. At that point I could have happily gone home! So I didn’t bother settling that rod up again and fished the one rod with the tings coming in whilst Gus was reaping the dabs. Come 12:30-13:00 we called it a day and to be honest I was glad to get home.
Gus must have had over half a dozen of dab with a lot of whiting and me just some tiny whiting. I’ve never felt like that before fishing and I hope it’s not a thing that’s going to reoccur as no matter what I’ve always enjoyed my time fishing. So I will go locally on Monday to go a press the reset button and hopefully have a better session and better frame of mind.
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THese people are about,but the entertainment value is imense.I find the best way is to agree with what they say,that immediately has them off balance.confusion then becomes rife.then in for thje poo is a start,dog poo bags left on the beach,did you walk or drive here?Are you locall?now for the jugular.He who is without sin may cast the 1st stone!
no need to be nasty,just honest(y)
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