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Have always experimented with my course fishing tequniques in the sea. Big halibut pellets drilled and threaded on are great for maintaining a constant attractant and last crab attacks and are still their long after bait has gone, as it cotton wool inside a feeder loaded with flavoured oil.

Paste made from black lugg, macky and anything else I could throw in the mixer accounted for a brillliant session on Coley last year off Holyhead breakwater, I should think they could smell it in Ireland ! PMSL

PVA bags, ribbons can easily be used to loose feed and leave a trail to your hook bait for flatties, boilies I tend to find breakdown to slowly, but flavoured meat, fried to toughen it up works.

I use all my methods alongside conventional baits, a squirt of WD40 has its momments if all else fails. Saying that Scopex spray has proved very successful in the past for better whiting and thats yummy caramel !
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