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I have just started using feeder leads and I have had positive and negative dealings with them negatives not good for casting and when they hit the sea it is like Moses parting the sea
Positive using them at short distance has proved to be fairly good and I have had some good results and I have played around with what to put in them
After the resent blow i got some great shell fish along the shore line and i have frozen some for the winter months and i have blended up some macks and shell fish with peeler essence so it is a thick slop and used it in the feeder on a bright and sunny Thursday i had very little on my long range rod but had a mix bag of bits on the feeder couple dabs lots of tings, and a school/B and nothing to write home about but i am planning to try this again off the addy on the next set of big tides
Has anyone else tried this and had results on the feeder or any tips on rigs using with these feeders? As I think it will be better suited for pier fishing?

:fishing1:I love Catching On Dunge :fish:
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