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An invite from my mate J to join him for an impromptu daytime session at Felixstowe saw us setting up a couple of bays south of Martello Park at Felixstowe yesterday morning with HW at about 11:00. We both hedged our bets with one rod each with a flattie rig and another with a herring & squid wrap in hope of a ray. I was using small sections of frozen black lug on a 3 hook flapper and J was using fresh worms. The flat calm conditions allowed me to use my light continental rod which showed up bites which were disproportionate to the size of fish landed. I ended up with 11 dabs and half a dozen micro whiting which seem to be getting progressively smaller on each trip recently. The herring & squid baits remained untouched even by the whiting. The biggest fish was a 28cm dab however it was the poorest conditioned fish that I have seen this season and there was nothing worth keeping.

This was also the first time I have been down to this bit of Felixstowe on a weekend morning in many years and I had just forgotten just how popular it is even in February. I was recently complaining on this forum about dogs on the beach not under control at Thorpeness and I know others have had similar problems recently elsewhere. However this was not the case yesterday, there were lots of locals out with their dogs both on and off the lead and I can't say we were bothered at all, with a few only stopping to say hello and enquire about the fishing. This included a group who were obviously training their dogs which included several young German Shepherds a rather large Doberman all of which were well behaved. It was also surprising to see a large group 200+ runners on their local Parkrun pass behind us on the prom.

However the most baffling event of the session involved two swimmers clad head to toe in cold swimming gear complete with luminous swim floats who drifted down on the tide. They then proceeded to stop immediately in front of us, seemingly oblivious of our lines of which I had to then bring in to avoid any potential tangles. After 5 minutes they decided to exit the water in the gap between J and myself before cheerily enquiring how the fishing was ! Why they chose to pickthe bay we were fishing in I don't know when the bays both up and down tide of us were empty of fisherman.

On the plus side the freshly baked hot sausage rolls from the café here make a nice mid session snack.

Anyway the next trip is definitely going to be a more remote mark and in the dark !

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