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Felixstowe Manor End 18/01/2023

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Decided to hit the beach with my son for a few hours as a last min decision, armed with some frozen baits Squid and herring we set up casting out at around 17:00 with high tide at 20:30, conditions were cold as you would expect with a light NW breeze.
We had bites every cast and finished with 9 fish between us 7 whiting two keepers and 2 small dabs which was nice to see.
We saw the tide up on the flood to high and an hour down on the ebb.
It was good to experiment a few home made rigs and the pulley rigs came up trumps for all the fish caught, the larger fish taken on squid but my son lost a cracker of a fish close in on whole herring strip.

Tight lines ready for the next trip.
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Great to see your report and well done for braving the cold. Nice to hear the tings are still out there and great to see the dabs on your catch list too. Interesting to hear about the lost fish too, ray perhaps?

Very keen to try the Manor End area of Felixstowe, which bit did you fish by the way?
Possibly a Ray yes, nice knock and the boys drag was engaging on retrieve, he is quite a strong lad and struggled so was a bit exciting.
We parked in the last free bay opposite oxford road, I hate paying for parking, nice little shelter there on the prom if it blows up rough.
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