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for those that havent seen the notice in the thread, i need to know by monday 12.00 at latest
for all those interested in the felixstowe get together , please email me with quantity of worm you require as ive spoken to a supplier who has kindly agreed to do a deal for us, obviously this is a one off deal as we expect to need a good few hundred worm, please let me know by monday lunch time at the latest , i can then get the price according to how many ordered as a group, i will then email directly the details to yourselves individualy, then its upto you to collect them, alternativly if you want me or someone else to do it send them the money for us to collect them, on your behalf, ive been assured the worms are good quality,not the ****y little things
cheers all lookin forward to seeing a few faces
perhaps we better pre-warn burger van to stock up on bacon sarnies lol
incidently you will be able to collect the bait from 7.30 on the day
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