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Hadn't fished any of the suffolk beaches in a while so decided on giving Felixstowe a look last night.
Had to fish on my own this weekend as Nutsy wouldn't venture into suffolk . He kept muttering something about witchcraft and decided to fish local!
Arrived at the Manor terrace carpark, but decided to walk past the groynes and fish the open beach area at langaurd.
Was all set up by 19.00 which was about low water. Tactics were pulley droppers on both rods one baited with rag worm the other alternative casts of frozen blacks and squid bluey wraps.

Was really hoping for a bass and with a moderate north north easterly breeze it looked the part.

The first couple of hours were uneventful but as dusk fell had a few dogfish and a whiting.
About 2 hours before high water both rods indicated what looked like very delicate bites at the same time .

I left them a few minutes and then decided to reel in . The first rod on rag had a small ray on it and the second produced another small ray on squid and bluey.
An hour later and another gentle bite produced ray number 3 again on squid and bluey. All the rays were very lightly hooked on the pennel hook!
Fished on until high water but no more action and no bass.
Very little weed and didn't see anyone else fishing. But a pleasant evening all the same.
Tight lines .
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Sorry about that post . I'm struggling with posting pictures. The site keeps saying the pictures have failed to download so I delete them . Then when I post they are all still there. Anybody else struggling or just me ?
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