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Hi all,

Having booked these two days off a while ago, i was a little concerned Chesil would be unsafe for fishing after the high winds earlier in the week. I couldn't believe how calm it was thursday morning at Ferrybridge and apart from a load of floating debris close in it looked promising, especially when my brother landed his first ever smoothound on the first cast. Only a baby, but he was happy. Later he caught a 3lb Codling (again his first) and what i think was a whiting (see below) in between the pout.

Personally, i was having my own competition of catching the smallest pout around with no sign of the bream i was after! We tried Cogden for a few hours that evening, but after a few more pout and a lot of weed we gave up in favour of a cold pint.

I returned to Ferrybridge Friday night and was finally rewarded with my first ever black bream, though it was a little on the small side to say the least. I did get two more after dark, the biggest being just over 1lb and a load more pout.

I had my other rod set up aimed at smoothounds with hermit and peeler crab baits but didn't even manage a dogfish, oh well maybe next time. All in all, could have been worse!



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