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Had our annual get away across to the Llyen last week for 4 days. Plan was to target the Tope from both shore and boat.

For once the weather was on our side when we arrived and just got better and better through the week.

Day 1 saw 2 of us having a bash off the rocks and 2 in the boat. The rock fishing was medioca at best , no tope just doggies , doggies and a single bully to about 7-8lbs. The boat faired better with 2 tope boated and every other drop being a double figure bull huss. Mackeral and Pollock were a plenty and first day ending with a mackeral and pollock risotto washed down with numerous wets.

Day 2 same plan 2 on the rocks 2 on the boat. Rocks same result , boat no tope just bull huss and doggies.

Day 3 we all ventured out in the boat in the afternoon. Again slow going doggies and bull huss were there in numbers but the tope were proving some what elusive. Perseverance eventually paid off and 2 more tope were boated.

Day 4 came and went as the second did the only notable fish being a couple of 4lb + Ballans caught on rag close in under the cliffs.

A good break had by all , good to get some sun , good to get some fish but a little disappointed on the numbers but happy days......bring on the next trip......


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