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First up is a Browning Express 2400 Spinning Rod (Casting Weight 10-30g). Think it's 9ft. It's in very good nick, with all guides present and accounted for.

Can't find any reference online as to how much this rod is worth, so how £20 collected?

Next is a vintage 10ft Edgar Sealy 'Carpmaster' carp rod. This rod has seen better days in some places, but is in great nick in others. The tip section has been repaired at some point in its life, and not very well. :cry:
And there is a couple of small chunks missing from the cork handle in places. Probably not that useable nowadays, but it's a lovely looking rod and would look great in a collectors cabinet. How about £20 collected for this as well?

I also have a Normark Black Medallion 12ft Match Rod, that i forgot to take pictures of, that is need of a lot of TLC. 3 or maybe 4 of the guides need replacing, and the varnish is flaking in places. £10 for this one. (Pics on request)
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