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Water Was Murky But Always Fascinating to Watch!

I was field testing my NEW spin casting "Whipping" rig from Okuma. The Guide Select Pro w/a Helios SX40 spinning reel. So i decided to cast out my equally NEW Spydro Underwater Camera. The water was murkier then normal due to the heavy rains from the daily storms. I was surprised to see not one but a school of Threadfin "Moi" swim by.

Moi in Hawaii was the fish of royalty. Only royalty could eat such a delicacy! Till this day this fish rarely graces the dining room table as it's hard to find in the wild. Every time i use my Spydro Camera i'm amazed at the underwater life that we cannot see from above. One day i'll have more then just 1 cam so i can better share these fascinating underwater scenery.



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