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fishing fife ness,

myself and diamond dave went along too try fishing fife ness,
looked at 1st mark the " black rock " , but decided too try further around towards the lighthouse,
parked the motors and headed for some rocks,

Sea was Calm, south westerly winds ,clear and far from ideal really, but gave it a go anyway,
fished using lug, sandeels, mussels, squid, razorfish.

got setup around 2 pm and soon found the kelp .. snag after snag lol.
a seal then came looking for an easy meal, it probably noticed we were catching nowt so buggered off lol. :)
their was not alot off movement on the rods...well none lol... hours passed soon as darkness set in , i got a few very slight knocks,
and i managed too pull in 1 tiny codling.

nothing more we decided too give Crail harbour a wee go,
got set up around 9pm after stopping at the great chippie for a supper, then headed down too the harbour ,
fished the incoming tide,
not a thing again, water really calm, no movement at all, we fished until around 11.30pm.

so not much fish for a long shift but was still good too get out off the madhouse.
but as they say ye gotta be init ti win it.

no pics as i didnt have a zoom lens for the tiny codling :).
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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