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Finally caught something to write a report about!

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I havent posted much on this site...simply because my efforts to date have been pretty bad. I've fished a few channel marks and have yet caught a decent fish...until today. After about ten sessions in the last 3 or 4 weeks and only a few whiting and pouting to account for, confidence was at a low..but now.....:showoff:

Anyways, after reading a few reports about a few fish being caught near sand point, myself and Muskins decided to have a session today. We arrived at Sand point at around 10:30am and set off. Was pretty windy so we decided to take some cover and fish middlehope. Armed with rag, squid, peelers and makkie we both fished two rods.

After about ten mins, Muskins had a great bite and lifted into a fish only to have it bite through his rig and come off. Pretty sure it was a conger. All was pretty quiet for a while until half an hour before high tide when my reel started to scream and a fish was on. Being abit of a novice, i panicked a little and after a minute of having the fish on it all went stiff. Great i thought, snagged. Muskins advised me to let a bit of line out and sure enough the fish was still pulling and had somehow managed to free the snag. A couple minutes later and this fellow hit the shore.......

Estimated 3-3.5 lb, he will be dinner tomoro nite! yum. Sorry about the poor pic.

Anyway, got the fish in and was baiting up when all of a sudden, my other rod went mad. I picked it up, and a few seconds after pulling into it, the fish had gone. Retrieved the line and just like muskins had had, the fish had bitten straight through my 30lb amnesia! Again, probably a conger we think.

After that the session was pretty quiet so we packed up and headed home.

Really enjoyable day and learnt alot. Thanks to muskins, top bloke :thumbs:

Hopefully more reports to follow. ova and out, j
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Yep...Well done to the 'young 'un' on a fine fish!!!

Me..don't ask..... a big fat zilch!!!

But great dayout, good company and we'll soon have you casting a multiplier!!



PS no doubt - the first of many!!
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