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Well fished last night at a pretty well known beach, in the pouring rain.
Waded out and covered the mussel bed that is reachable over the low tide. Nothing. Rain continues to get harder and harder.
After a bit of a rethink, I wondered down the beach to feature that is only visable over low time. I thought I might as well play with the Patchinko. God it casts well off the Shukan:showoff:, Well second or third cast I thought I saw a boil, but it was at range. So put it down to wishful thinking on my part. Next cast about 10 foot into the retrieve..............

Yeap Patchinko gets nailed, proper surface smash. Kept winding until I felt the weight properly and lifted the rod, rather than trying to strike, and it was on. So about 3 or 4 minutes later (felt like alot longer) during which I managed to fall over twice, and one horrible slack line moment. Where the bass decided to be co-operative and race towards the beach.
A lovely bass of about 2.5-2.75 pounds slide onto the beach. Ok not a monster, but anyone that can remember what there first top water bass felt like, will know how much that fish meant to me. Really pis*ed with myself as I left my camera/phone in the car due to the rain.
So had to slip the bass back without a pic. Lovely watching the bow wave head back out.

Managed a little schoolie on a BW, from a little gutter in the sand on the way back to the car.
Got home wet, but happy. Just wish there were more fish around this year. It really feels like some of the old good marks are just not holding fish anymore. Spoke to Neverenoughfishing when I got in, I think he feels the same way.

Until this year I have never bothered with topwater lures, always thought I would catch more on subsurface lures. But it does get the heart racing getting one on top. I have fished at lot with surface lures this year, with nothing to show for it but a few boils and a couple of bumps, until now. So anyone else that is still trying to get that first one, stick with it.

Tight Lines Tunny
Wonderful stuff there Tunny.........
Getting them off the top for me is what its all about,even when they dont take it properly its just sooo exciting.
That Patchinko plug is amazing isn't it.

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Bassorama, Broony,
trust me, there are many long hours of fishing behind that one. Fished poppers (large and small), of several different types, all known bass catchers. Since the begining of the season, with nothing to show for it untill now. I have really struggled this year to find what I would call a decent bass. ie over a couple of pounds. So thin on the ground in sussex this year.
I have blanked, or had the blank saved by schoolies loads of times this year.

Stick with it guys, sometimes you just have to keep plugging away. You will get into them eventually.
Best of luck,
Tight lines

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Well done Dave!
After spending the day with the kids at Go Ape I would love to have been down there with you but got home too late and it was persisting down! Will be out over the weekend at some point though probably crack of dawn. Despite the number of blanks we have both had it is still special being out that time of the day.
Not sure what has happened this year locally but it seems almost devoid of any sizeable bass. A few reports of fish on bait but on lures it is truly hard work on a monumental scale.
I spoke to Martin H this morning and a trip down west sounds like it might be worthwhile..... if only for a change of scenery!!!!

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Well done on the fish and for sticking it out.Got to admit I think there is something a bit special about the Patchinko,arrived at my mark the other night to see a couple of guys leaving having blanked and another who I know also not having any luck.First lure out the box was a black/silver Patchinko,2nd cast bang and for the next couple of hours my mate could only watch in awe as the Patchinko strutted its stuff across the surface taking fish after fish.What a night,I will remember it for a long long time and to me is what bass fishing is all about taking em off the top.All hail the Patchinko a legend amongst surface lures :1a::1a:
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