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Only started fishing last summer so its my first February :) and have read about scratching, how bites go down etc. this month. Any advice on what hook sizes to go for and what baits are best around now. Doing the rock marks and Chesil (cove side) but for doggies, the occasional too small bites, my most recent catch has been a starfish (!) and I'm getting utterly worried. Any advice from those with more experience - please? Cheers


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Hi Izzy,

Best bet is to leave the rocks alone now until about april, then the Bass start moving back to them again, the only species likely to be caught around the rocks this month are the occasional pollack and the odd Wrasse and Rockling.

Chesil is still producing mixed bags of Dogs, Pout, Whiting and the Odd Codling.

Best rigs are generally two or three hook flappers or two hook bombers, use size 2 hooks but strong ones like BLN's so that if that decent one does come along you still have a chance to land it.

Bait wise go for squid, mackerel or sandeel. I personally don't bother with worm or crab at this time of year as its a waste of money when scatching around, I've tried worm and crab in the past and to be honest my results on squid n fish baits are no different, so save the peeler money for the spring when the plaice and bass come back in.

There are still some small bass upto about 3lb around all of the Weymouth marks, its just a case of getting the weather right to get that surf running in.

Another Portland mark that is always worth a try at this time of year is Church Ope Cove, it can produce some great fishing in Feb if the conditions are right, last year I heard of at least 6 Small Eyed Rays and a handfull of Spotted Rays being caught between xmas and the end of Feb, its just a bit lonely down there on your own at night!

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Thanks Bass Hunter. As usual very useful advice. Especially on what to use in hook and bait. I guess the first year around is the most difficult for newbies like me where every month and season is a different approach. Its a real learning curve..

We did some recent nights on Chesil (infront of Parrys recently) but nothing other than some doggies and small bites. I think our hooks 1/0 were too large so now waiting for Monday's evening tides. Seems reasonable if anything is around. Church Ope sounds like a good idea. Also cycled down to South of the Port yesterday looking for some caves. That area where the path leads to the big outcrop of manmade rock and fence looks rather snagy but good for summer.

PS: Saw a couple of local guys catch some mighty wrass off the Bill the other day, really big ones and 4 in all, 'for the Sealife centre' and aquariums apparently. They were fishing off the Bill itself.

Thanks again.. Look forward to seeing you one day. Cheers / Izzy
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