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Had a session for a gilthead yesterday, wasn't expecting much other than schoolies to honest has i've never had one before. First cast of the day resulted in a thumping bite ,fortunately or unfortunately i had the baitrunner on (i was still setting up the second rod:uhuh: ) which meant lots of line streaming off but no hookup when i got to the rod:headhurt:
A short while later had another bite and hooked up this time, only for the hook to pull before landing the fish , the only consilation being that i think was just a small bassbut i was beginning to think it was going to be one of those days;) and perhaps i shouldn't used braid for the first time !!
After a fruitless hour or so the rod hammered over and i was into a fish which certainly wasn't a bass and it was stripping braid off the reel quicker than i could get it back . Eventually after quite a fight and more than few anxious moments( carp rod and small abu cardinal baitrunner loaded with 15lb braid) i landed my first ever gilthead which went 4lb 5oz :clap2:
welldone paul,cracker for your first.Im making that my next target,failed last year out with brycie i would guess at the same mark you were at yesterday mate.
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