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I took my nephew for a wee session up to the Windsock on Saturday, he hasn't tried
to cast or put a bait on a hook so started at the Windsock to see how he would do
lugging my gear to the mark!! 馃榿 He did ok and managed my seatbox with all the
tackle! I carried the rods etc.
We arrived around 2.30 and I had brought him an old Greys grx and a big Mitchel f/s
that I found in my shed! (I don't know where it came from!)
I spent almost an hour trying to teach him how to cast and he eventually was able to
get a 5oz gripper out about 40yds.
I set us up and away we went with good old Mackie for bait!
We'd be fishing the tide up which is best for the mark, the weather was bright with some
clouds (maybe a bit too bright though)
It was very quiet, then about 4.30 I had a rattle and a wee Spurrie was landed
it weighed it to show the boy how to use a sling and it weighed in at 6lb 7oz.
just a baby but the lad was chuffed to be shown how to hold it it the propper way.
We had a few wee bites but nothing else, I usually get more action at the mark
but as I said, it was very bright and the Spurs don't like brightness in shallow water.
It was good to get out with the boy, he's keen enough but he'll have to wait to get out again
as you know who is doing by head in to get out!! 馃槚
Next week I'll be taking Wullie so that'll be good then The Bear the following week!
I'm only taking one in the van for a few weeks then we'll be back to normal hopefully!
'Till next time!

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Good to see you managed out John and good on you teaching the young lad quite sure with your coaching and advice he will do well
Bert(old yin)
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