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first sea fishing trip ever. and went to salt house norfolk

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To all,

I am an avid course/carp and pike fisherman and have just bought some nice cheap gear to start the next stage in the fishing experience, went with a mate to Salt house Norfolk as it is nice and close, went last night from about 1800 untill 2300, only had some old Squid/Mackerel and a few other bits and bobs so we weren't expecting much to be honest.
we arrived and as expected there were several anglers so we plodded along the shingle beach with wind that felt like a hurricane, as i was setting up my partner in crime was already out, along came a very nice bloke who gave us some information on his catch, passed on about a hundred Lob worms which was a touch.
I actually managed eventually to attach my shock leader and started fishing, anyway no more stories, we bagged up with Whiting and Dab most were all double hook ups and we caught on all baits, it didn't seem we could do any wrong. the only problem waqs the wind as you couldn't tell if it was a bite or the wind, but a brilliant trip my first one in over 22 years the biggest Whiting was about half a pound and the Dab were pretty small we probably caught 50 assorted W/D between us. a good windy night.
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well done mate glad u enjoyed your self if your keen on the fishing and the winds a problem maybe a beach buddy would help its one of the best things ive ever brought :yahoo:
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