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First Trip on new boat

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A little late on my first report for my first trip out on the new boat.
Anyway, some might recall me asking for info. on buying my first boat, i opted for a Seahog Sea Jeep in the end, 1999 model fitted with a 40hp Suzuki 2T motor, Snipe trailer and pretty much all the extras, aux motor, vhf/dsc radio, gps, fishfinder, safety gear etc. I named her Emma-J (after the Mrs)
Since buying her, i have gone over her completely, rectifying all the little problems and things i didn't like or wanted to change and finally had her ready enough for me to be happy enough to launch her on Friday 6th April.
We decided to launch from Orford Quay, arrived there at 8.30am, in the water by 9.30am with a totally uneventful launch (good lol), the tide was completely out by that time, got underway and headed up the River Ore for a mark kindly provided by a WSF member, but it wasn't many minutes before i realised the fishfinder wasn't working too well & i had no or intermittent depth readings, so was a little concerned at that, as it was my first launch with this boat and my first launch on ANY boat into tidal waters, after a load of fiddling with settings, i got the depth readings working ok, we arrived at what we thought was the mark at about 10.30am, set up the rods and spent an hour or so fishing and caught 3 undersize codling, i then decided to move on further and head for the sea proper, the main aim of the trip was really to check out the boat, fishing was just a bonus.
I thought i'd just head out of the end of the river and just have a chug about and see how i got on, well, me and Emma-J got on very well, so i ended up chugging out a bit farther :) i headed out to the SW Whiting Buoy, the sea was getting a lot choppier, quite quickly, but Emma-J handled it just fine and got the the mark without a problem, anchored 50yds or so from the buoy and fished for a little while, but the choppy sea was just a bit uncomfortable, so reeled in to find another small codling and headed back for the shelter of the river to the first mark, anchored there and fished again for a while, caught one more small codling, then headed back to the slipway.
Recovered Emma-J without a problem, with the help of my Mrs and 13yr old son Chris, who were both with me for the trip, we all had a brilliant first trip out, almost without a problem.
The only probs were the fishfinder not working too well, which i'm now trying to fix, or i'll have to buy a new one and the outboard is a manual start and i didn't like all the pulling :) i'm going to look into the possibility of converting it to an electric start, if not, i'll have to try to save for an upgrade maybe.
A big thanks to all the people that gave help and advice to me on WSF, especially Norrie, who sent me some invaluable books and videos to help me out and The Hogster who advised me on launching at Orford and some marks to fish, I bought Salar's book "Angling Boats" which was a great help, me, the mrs and my son all read the book and learned a great deal, that all helped make things easier and safer, cheers Salar.
I thought this would be a short report :)
Anyway, i can't wait to take Emma-J out again soon, hopefully she'll be 100% finished then, although i doubt she'll ever be 100% finished, i have a feeling there will ALWAYS be something that NEEDS doing or i WANT to do.
Cheers all.
AL ..
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Well done on your first trip out. I also had my first trip out yesterday on my new seahog shortie(first boat). Unfortunately, despite it being a fine day onshore, there was just a bit too much swell and chop for me to feel comfortable and I only stayed out for about an hour.

I know what you mean about the people on WSF being helpful, if it had not been for a few very helpful folk on here, I would never have gone down the road of buying a boat. I too bought Salar's book, which has come in very useful.

Roll on summer and calmer seas. Can't wait to get out again.
glad you had a good trip mate, yes you missed both marks buy quiet a bit im afraid which can mean alot round here, but at least you got back safe and sound.

you might find the sounder will work better buy silocon a tub in the inside on the hull with out any air pockets in and fill tub will cooking oil and submerce transducer in there then stick some sponge over the top.

im hopefully out tuesday so we will see how i get on.

Thanks for the nice report, I enjoyed reading it!!

Cheers Ian

:boat: :boat: :boat:
Good luck Tuesday Hogster, let us know how you get on mate.
I decided the Fish Finder transducer isn't very well, so i have ordered a new Raymarine DS400x, should be here on wednesday, i also bought a cheap laptop which i'm going to set up as a plotter, so hopefully i won't miss my marks next time :)
Nice to see you got on well too GasHed on your first outing mate.
Now i have to go and revise for my VHF course, which is on Saturday and i have a memory like a goldfish lol
AL ..
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