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FISH for HEROES Arnside 2011
Offical Event ID 20101218-4651-3336

The event will take place at arnside on the 12th november 2011.

The target species will be flounder.

Prizes will be awarded for Total Bag Length (Team) Biggest Fish (Individual) and most sponsorship money raised (Team)
(Prizes will be by donation and not taken from monies raised)

100% of all money raised will go to Help for Heroes.

After the match there will be an auction of prizes, The auction will take place in the local hostelry.

Alongside this the presentation will be made for the winning team, individual and the team raising the most money.

This Event now has 4 confimed teams that will be fishing the event.


World Sea Fishing

Sea Fishing Wales



Although this event was schedualed for 5 teams, Unfortunatly one of the teams have dropped out and this leaves
us with the oppertunity to ADD ANOTHER TEAM to the event.

If you wish to add a team to this event please PM me on here.


This thread will now be the only section of the forums that you will find updates and information on this event.

This will include the Sale/Auction of any product be it on this forum or others.

This thread is purely for the update's and information regarding the event.

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Team WSF

If any team members require additional sponsor forms, Or have yet to receive them.

Please let me know by PM and i will create the form for you and send it you in a PDF file that you can print out.


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Can i just say a big thankyou to Prestatyn Sailing Club

Prestatyn Sailing Club have kindly donated a full years membership for 2012.

The value of this is

£100 if you are a current member of the club


£150 if you are a new member to the club, This covers all the admin and registeration costs.

*** Please note that this has been donated to the Fish for Heroes and all money raised from this auction will be going direct to Help for Heroes.***

To place a bid on this item please visit THIS LINK which is on World Sea Fishing.

(ps... this thread has been posted on all forums involved with the Fish for Heroes but only WSF will be used for the bidding)

Happy bidding


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FISH for HEROES Arnside 2011

Message to all shop tackle shop owners & anyone who want's to show there support to this event.

I have created a simple poster that people can download and print out to put in there window's

I would like to say a big thankyou to everyone who is supporting this event.

You wouldn't know what it means to me.

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FISH for HEROES Arnside 2011

I would like to thank Hugh @ Mighty Bright for donating the following to us.

These are and I stress LIMITED EDITION so when there gone, There gone.

Please note that every penny raised from these garments will be going to HELP for HEREOS through the FISH for HEROES Event.

We have :-

1 L black hoodie
2 L grey polo
1 M polo
1 3XL polo red
1 XL green tee
2 XL White tee

To bid on any of the above items please visit this thread.


Also I would like to inform members that I have now had confirmation back from HELP for HEROES and they will be attending on the day.

Sorry for the late update but with being on nights its been hard to get on a computer other than the phone :)

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FISH for HEROES Arnside 2011

Well what can i say :thumbs:

What a hectic week it has been on the FISH for HEROES Event.

I have had quite a few shocks this week but with these shocks came happiness :)

This last week the event planning has gone lovely, I thought i was gonna find this all hard work with only me doing the running of it now but may i say. YES its bloody hard work but YES its bloody worth it, Anyway hear's whats happened over the last week on the event side.

Firstly I would like to send out thanks to the following people for there very kind donations.

  • Chris Wareing - For donating 2 Conoflex Foo Fighters ( 1 which was brand new and still had tags) Both these rods have now gone with one going to crazyplums :)

  • Chris Wareing - For donating a Conoflex flatty fanatic, Again a brand new rod which sold in auction but still in communication regarding payment.

  • Chris Wareing - For donating the FIRST EVER PATHFINDER 8 9'6 UPTIDING ROD, This rod is currently on the well known site item number 320761894026.

  • John Mcbride - For donating 2 Conoflex Foo Fighters, These rods are still available.

  • Gareth @ Menai Angling - For donating a Storm Firetip Pro Bass 11ft rod, This rod will go to auction on the day of the event unless someone makes me an offer on the rod via PM on here.

  • Lizard Rigs - Who have agreed to donate some items to us ( Unknown yet but will let you all know as soon as i find out )
  • Hugh @ Mighty Bright - For donating the garments that are currently under auction on here, These garments so far have raised over £100 ( Please keep Bidding )

  • Ethic Star - Who are donating 30 hoodies to the event that will all be printed as current items from mightybright.

  • Fladen Fishing - Who have agreed to send out some items to muself which i will let you all know what they are when i receive them.

  • Quayside Group - Who have agreed to donate another 10 hoodies printed by themselves, I am currently trying to get these changed to either caps or beenie hats has we already have another 30 on order.

I think that is it atm and im sorry if i have missed anyone out of the list but you can be sure you will be on the next update list :punk:

So after this week and previous weeks for that matter, the event has gone from slowly declining to dropping a gear and taking back off.

Now this wouldn't be possible without the support of everyone mentioned in this thread as they have made this event a great success.

I also have other items on ebay which are going rather well atm and as soon as all items end on ebay i shall give the grand total of money raised through ebay goods.

(PS if anyone would want one of the hoodies we are getting these will be sold at a price yet to be decided, If you would like one please pm me your size so i can make sure i order the correct sizes. )

If no-one pm's me they will be random sizes and it will be first come first served :)

Until the next update

Tight Lines All


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FISH for HEROES Arnside 2011

Quick update on the donation side of things.

Has stated in a previous comment FLADEN said they would send me some stuff.

I now have the items here and they have donated

  1. Fladen Maxximus 555 Multi
    Fladen Maxximus 666A Multi
    They also sent 10 FLADEN caps with these

If anyone wishes to make an offer on any of the reels, Please pm me.

The caps we will sell for £5 exc P&P

If any of these items don't sell they will go into the raffle after the event.

I have also had an email of gerry's saying they will be donating a reel and other bits and bob's, As with fladen when i get these items i will let you know what they are.

I have added up the totals that we have so far and i can tell you we have broke the 3K Barrier.

This is all thanks to members of all the forums involved.

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Please note this is not from me but this is copied from shoreangler.

Get it aff and Get it on, for Fish 4 Heroes

Get it aff and get it on

Its that you or most know that I and others are seeking sponsor for the Fish 4 Heroes, so far I’ve raised £259 its that I would like to get this to £500, with only six week to go, so if it is that you get nought fer nought then here you go, its that I can take the humiliation, if you good folk can see your way to sponsor me


If I/we can get my fund raising up to £400 then aff it comes the pony tail is gone, I’ll get Lloyd (the boss man of tae cut it aff at the event on the 12th of November

Get it aff aff

If I/we can get my fund raising to £450 then aff aff it cimes pony tail the lot mop an aw on the 12th of November


If I/we can get my fund raising up to £500 then on it goes, yes its a pink tutu, which I will fish the competition in, got to be good laugh in that wan

So come on in folks and sponsor me at the link below, its all for a good cause “Help for Heroes"

Thanks for looking in malky

sponsor me here

thank you

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Fish for Heroes 1st Annual Match

Match Fishing Times :- 10:30 - 15:30
High Tide - Around 12:00 (Can depend on conditions)

• This is a 2 Hook Max match, If possible NO team should have two anglers fishing next to each other.

• Fish should be handled as little as possible and treated with care. The use of a disgorger and a damp cloth should be encouraged.

• All competitors must have an official recognised measure.

• Fish are measured from the tip of the nose to the maximum tip of the tail and verified by the angler to the right, the length recorded should be rounded down to the nearest full centimetre. In the event of a dispute on size a master steward or both adjacent anglers should be used to arbitrate.

• The fish should be returned to the sea immediately after being measured and recorded. It is the responsibility of both the angler and steward to ensure that the fish swims away. Dead fish should be picked up, have its tail cut, and be retained by the steward for disposal.

• Fish should be recorded and returned before the next cast is retrieved.

• At the end of the competition match cards should be underlined immediately below the last fish recorded and signed by the steward or adjacent angler. In events where the stewards are in possession of the cards then the angler must sign for his own fish.

• Competitors should be given one point per centimetre of fish recorded. The result being decided by the competitor with the most points. Where there is a tie on points then the competitor with the most number of fish will be the winner, if there is also a tie on the number of fish then the winner will be the one with the longest fish. If there is still a tie after this the prize should be shared..

Organisers can at their discretion

• Allow competitors to retain fish required for consumption. Where this is allowed, the fish should have its tail cut in front of the steward or adjacent angler.

• Set size limits below the minimum DEFRA sizes as long as all fish are returned to the sea after being recorded and provided that written agreement has been obtained from the local DEFRA Regional Office.

• Award points per fish and give a nominal number of points for undersized fish that are not measured.

• Give a standard size for fish. This could be useful where difficult fish to measure are likely to be caught such as eels and dogfish.

• Set a minimum hook size.

• Operate a weigh and return competition, but this would necessitate enough suitable sets of scales and stewards on the beach during the competition.

• It is the organiser’s responsibility to ensure that all competitors are made fully aware of the system used in the competition.

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FISH for HEROES Arnside 2011

Hello guys,

Well we are only weeks away from the event and I am quite surprised by the amount of support we are getting of people over the internet.

I have had another donation from the guys over at TKR Fishing,

They are donating two of there TWR 22mm SS Pumps

To read a review on these click the link

You can place your bid from this link on WSF

Secondly i Have just took reciept of more hoodies.

I will put one of each size on for now and run it for a week, I will then add another two and run for a further week and so and and so on until there gone.

These are also on another site.

But you can bid on them right here from this link on WSF

I would also like to say that I have now secured the venue for after the match where we are able to do our raffle and auction etc etc.

We will be using THE ALBION which can be viewed in more detail on the link

Can I also just tell people who are attending that if you wish to order a meal after the match then the menu is on the site above and we can pre order meals .

anyone wanting to just drop us a pm and ill sort it for ya.

I have other stuff on the way to me and as soon as these arrive i will let you know.

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Ok peeps,

After weeks of keeping this thread under lock and key to keep it on track, The time has come to open the thread up for all to reply.

Please note that replys have to be related to the FISH for HEREOS event and no funny business, These threads will be instantly reported and removed.

Now also to out a few records straight,

The FISH for HEROES event still has 4 forums being represented on the day regardless what anyone else tells you.

The Captains of the teams are as follows

[MENTION=30832]Jase-Top Angler[/MENTION]

If anyone is unsure on the rules then please goto

Can I also mention that everyone is welcome to the event on the day,.

So if you are in one of the teams and you have a question regarding the day then please post in here and i shall respond as soon as possible.

Thanks to everyone who has supported this event, And hopefully the day will go with no hiccups :)

If your attending I shall see you there :punk:

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see you there Jay buddy:fishing1: :thumbs::thumbs:

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aye aye chaps see you all there, ya canny miss me am the wan in the pink ..........................

happy day are here again
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