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fished rhossilli today

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fished rhosilli today off the ledges, doggies, doggies and more doggies. used crab, lug, squid, mackeral, sand eel and mussle. Doggies were being caught on everything except mussle. Geting fed up of catching these, but as it was they did save the day coz nothing else was caught except got a mega sunburnt face. Did try a bit of beach casting at casual bay a bit later on in the day aswell, heard it was a good place for bass, we caught nothing there but was worth a try. Good day otherwise

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Just heard that some people got into trouble on the cause way today seems at least one person has been found died. This is not a mark to come and go as you please, many people have been killed in the strong tide flow. if you fish the mark either leave before the tide comes up or stay on the worm untill the tide is totaly out. If you try to beat the tide you normaly die. sorry for the rant but this area is not a simple beach! saying that its a good mark. doggy
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