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fished fishguard harbour wall yesterday 0830 to 16:30 on a christy tyler sac comp (my mates a member and i went along for the ride)
fished the outside till 11:30 with only 2 bites to show so moves then to the end as heard they were catching down there. had 5 dogs and my mate had 3 dogs, a pouting and a whiting. at 15:00 we went back to the outside about half way along with boatrods after congers down the holes. i had a massive bite then started playing him for 10 mins my rig snapped and i lost him(bait was a whole big mate was using mackerel head and guts)
other species caught by others down the end was wrasse, blennies, 1 1/2lb conger, and rockling
2 guys from the club went and fished fishguard ledges over towards strumble. they had a better day with good size wrasse, pollock, dogs and they lost a bass about 3lbs as it fell off his his when he put it on rock after lifting it out of water then riggled back into water

i tried every bait going eg rag, crab, macky, sandeel and squid plus spun, feathered,floated and bottom fished

THIS VENUE IS VERY DANGEROUS(NO KIDS SHOULD GO ON IT) as has square flat rocks about 4ft by 10ft with 2 or 3 ft gaps between them plus the seacat and ferries come and go into this port and the wash/swell off these is huge and catches u offguard as it dont hit u till about 10 mins after the thing has gone

good nice day out
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