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welcome to the madhouse and the pleasure of sea fishing.

personally i always use Squid and Mackrel and rarely blank. Loads of people say fish with worms but whenever i do i never catch anything, Cuttlefish is supposed to be a good bait for all sorts of fish but i'm not positive about that one

Now then the Rays are due to start showing off Porthcawl Pier anytime if they havent already. Swansea West Pier is usually a good venue for a mix of stuff depending on the winds and tides....If you try Caswell Bay there is still Cod around that way as well as a chance for pollock or so i've been told. Once the year moves on a bit into May or June i'd suggest booking a boat trip on either the Seren y mor or the Enterprise both are excellent boats and open a wide variety of spieces possibile

hope that helps
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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