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“Fishing for the Boat” is where the Skipper of a Charter boat, or on some occasions in other areas, a commercial net & shell fishing boat, invites local rod and line anglers to go out for a day’s fishing.
The basis of this arrangement is that the fish caught become the property of the Skipper, to sell or dispose of in whatever way he sees fit. That is the payment for the day out fishing. It’s good old-fashioned barter. Sometimes the angler may be allowed to keep a fish for him or her self.
You have to be a very effective angler before you will receive such an invitation. The purpose of the arrangement is that the invited anglers are there to catch as many fish as is possible in a day on rod and line. It is no place for “slackers” and occasional pleasure anglers. Fish market prices for rod and line caught Pollack are far higher than for the net caught variety.
So.....what happens when one of these anglers belongs to a club???? Should they be allowed to weigh in their heaviest fish to a club or monthly competition???, does this style of fishing amount to blatant commercial fishing, and should it be allowed to count for Club trophies, awarded for categories such as “Heaviest Pollack”; “Best Round Fish”; etc.
Is this within the limits of what most of us consider to be “sport” angling. Effectively, the rod and line anglers involved are just working as a deckhand on a commercial fishing boat, all be it, using a rod and line instead of a gill net or trammel.
A valid comparison can be drawn with a commercial rod and line bass fisherman, catching his quarry for sale direct to local restaurants. Would clubs be willing to count the fish he caught for a trophy for “Best Bass from a Boat” ????
Its interesting and one wonders should it be allowed within clubs.
The NFSA are quite strict in their rules governing the sale of fish.....their Rule 2.5, which unambiguously states:
A person who takes fish by means of a rod and line. The NFSA does not approve of any of its members, other than commercial or professional fishermen, using trawls, trammels, or gill nets for commercial use, or in the selling of their catch. ACs may expel members so engaged.”

You may well argue that the angler taking home the biggest one is not actually selling his fish....but....the skipper is selling all the other fish he caught!!!!!
For my mind anyone who sells fish is engaged in a commercial activity....period.
As to wether the angler should be allowed to weigh their fish....mmmm....not sure. If I was invited to fish for the boat and landed the fish of a lifetime on rod and line.......mmmmmm...... I would want to weigh it in and then eat it

Would you???
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