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Hi everyone,

So I know that this topic has previously been covered, but there seems to be very little hard information out there. I've scoured Google, this forum, and the threads on trip adviser, but I'm searching for more information.

I used to fly fish regularly but haven't done any form of fishing in the last few years.. I'm going to Barbados West/Southwest Coast on June 1st and would like to know the best setup for shore fishing, techniques, what I might catch etc. Charter fishing isn't for me - we are going to get a beachfront villa so I want to just chill and fish by the shore, maybe leave a baited line set up while I spin with a smaller rod.

I was initially thinking a 8-9ft fast action spinning rod with standard metal spoons, assuming I could cast 40-50 meters with this, what kinds of predatory fish are out there?

Accounts differ as to how successful shore fishing is, so ideally I would like to take a set up that would allow me to both spin and surf cast with bait.. but I would need a travel rod. Any general suggestions on a good set up/what method or rigs I should be using? (Sea fishing newbie)

Last option - taking my fly rod. I have heard there are predatory fish in the waters, so surely they would take a fly? I was thinking an 8-9 weight fast action with a floating line stripped back quickly as I can, but again, I'm not sure if the fish will be too far out.

Any suggestions or information on shore fishing in June in Barbados hugely appreciated.

Thanks guys!
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