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rubberfrog said:
hi mate

any chance of disclosing some of these marks to me??????????

crinnis beach, ignore what you've heard and fish centre of beach, not the ends of the beach.doggies after dark all year, mackeral from 2nd week of march thru to late december cast 30 yards out with small feathers medium retrieve ( 2hrs either side of high tide, crap on ebb ) black head for wrasse & pollack (use ragworm), wrasse to 4lb 2 to 3 yards out wind up 1 ft and wait but be ready to strike! pollack to 2lb on float.mackeral on small sandeel float about 8 - 10ft depth,40 yards out. dont go here if its raining or southerly gale you will end up in the sea. gorran haven the breakwater small bass after dark ( if you're lucky )use sandeel plenty of them under a clear float. on rock ledge about 600 yards out on right hand side of beach good wrasse fishing only to rag ( i've had one to 4.5lb ) pollack to 3lb 6ozs on float fished small sandeel hooked thru back about 50 yards out just off bottom.good spot for mackeral feathers or sandeel on a float 15 ft down. e-mail for more info.
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