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Well my girlfriend and i went to Turkey for a holiday and being at the Med i couldnt resist going fishing ( oops! )

We went on a fishing boat which was just fun for tourist fishing, we had small rods 3 hook flapper with size 4's and for bait, cubes of raw CHICKEN (wtf)

Anyway the 2 guys whos boat it was were quite ignorant, didnt offer food or drink to us when they gave others, we got the trip 10 lira cheaper with our travel agents so they wer not happy,

So i made it my mission to catch more than the skipper :)

I was first into a fish, i used rod and he was on hand line, i pulled up a stripped mullet which he said wer hard to catch but just last week he had caught a bigger one, this became his favourite phrase

striped mullet

white bream

Pickerel, thats just some

anyway lots of small fish i have never seen before were caught

and these two tiny ones i dont know

The top one had spikes that shot up like perch do, they jagged my hand and burned like hell!

anyone know what they are?

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i caught one the same in the 2nd last picture in kos, last year and as i went totake it off the hook another wee guy fishing went mental and just kept saying poisonious, and ripped it off the and flung it back, still dont know what it was called tho.

btw nice pics lol:victory:
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