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Launched & fished off Mumbles in my 13ft Boston Whaler on the big tides last weekend, too much run, too much rubbish, & too many b****y "growlers" on the ebb! :angry:
Went to the "Blin Hole" 2hrs after H.W. & got dog after dog until the rubbish started to empty out of the Bay, had to move to get out of the "slick" of branches & rubbish :angry: , had a couple of good whiting when the rubbish eased off :rolleyes: , put the kettle on until L.W. :)
Moved about 400yds off the Mumbles Pier on the first of the flood, got small whiting for the first hour :rolleyes: , then the dabs came on the feed :D ! They were taking small strips of squid on a 1/0 fished about 4" behind a "Mepp" blade, which I fished on a paternoster to keep the blade vibrating about 4/6" above the bottom, (you could see the rod-tip drumming with the blade). ;)
They were coming up off the bottom & hitting it like mad, it kept on until I run out of bait, & it was starting to get dusk, a good little session only 400yds offshore in flat calm conditions.
On the slipway some lads in an 18footer came back from fishing over the Sker area, with codling, conger, rays, & whiting, some of which must have been well over 2lb in weight! :unsure: Too far for my little tub & for my old bones to risk, give me small tides & little wind. :D
Off to fish a spot in the Tenby area this weekend to fish the big tides off the shore, 2hrs before the top & 2 hrs after, will let you know how we get on.
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