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People who catch 63 mackerel on Chesil would be described as irresponsible macky-bashers and it would be argued that no one should need to catch that many.
The original post did not mention a match and your emotive comment about "have committed some heinous offence" does not help a discussion; no one said it was a heinous offence; I would get bored after a dozen even with bream. If fishing was easy I would not bother with it, if mackererel or bream or any other fish are shoaled up like that the challenge of catching is no longer there. If you are over a shoal of bream and move the bait slighly you are likely to get a take every time, a fish a chuck. It becomes a mechanical chore rather than an exciting pursuit of fish.
Perhaps matches would be better if a limit of, say, six fish of each species were allowed in the scoring process as is common in beach matches.
I have my opinion, you have yours, the forum is for an interchange of ideas and opinions, not for wars to break out. Rob has put forward a comment which goes some way towards reassuring me on the catch and release of bream, but as I said, the bream are there to breed.... that is why they shoal up, and disturbance cannot help the situation.

I respect your right to your opinion Haddock. But why it was necessary for me to have to explain there was a competition that day is quite beyond me. I equally am entitled to my opinion and being made to feel guilty for my day out, was the reason I posted that which I did.

In my opinion, I am sorry to say, you made me feel as if I and the people with whom I was fishing had committed a heinous offence.

Are not your words:

“and we recreational sea anglers banging on about the commercial guys messing up fish stocks. Surely a few each and then move on would be better for the fish, they may go back but do they survive ? It sure as hell would interupt my breeding to be dragged off, even if I was allowed to continue afterwards.!”;

just as emotive?

If you set up a comp and want to make those rules fine, please feel free.

If I go out for a day's fishing and am told that once I have caught and released 6 fish, and or taken my limit for my own consumption and therefore have to sit out the rest of the day, I shall be of the opinion that I will not take part in it.
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