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Went out with my mate Sunday, on his Shetland. We left about 1am and anchored just of the end of Southend pier. Planning to fish there till light and then moving to the black tail spit . Unfortunately slight engine trouble see us staying put until next high tied to crawl back home. Still, the fishing was excellent, and we were pulling in fish all night. During the day it slowed a bit, but was still fish coming to the boat. We had loads of dog fish, whiting, pouting, flatties ,eel, Mackrell, couple of bass and we believe it to be a gar fish? Looked like a stick with a mouth. ... was great day out, and for once the weather wasn't to bad for us. Usually decides to turn bad whenever we go fishing.
can't wait to go again. Although the Mrs ain't so keen for me to go out all day.
Tight lines everyone. Dave....
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