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Hi all

I am going to take a day off midweek towards the end of sept. Going to have a full day fishing for a treat !!!!

Thinking of fishing low water up to high tide down the Knap foreshore. Never done this before so after some guidance.

I was looking at fishing about 3-400 yards from Knap point to the left - Good spot ? or doesn't it matter.

Will take a short and long rod...if I drop the short rod about 40-50 yards out will this bring any poss results ?

What baits ?, usually fish with rag.mack and squid....should I be trying something different for the long rod compared to the short rod ?

Any advice gratefully received

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any where along the knap will produce good fish but i would fish like you said a few hundred yrds from the point,fish one rod at distance for ray with sandeel,squid,macky or blueys and one rod close in with a 2 or 3 hook rig for the smaller species,rag tipped with macky does the tide comes up the pebbles try a side of macky in close,ive had some big bass doing this.of course other people may advise you different tactics this is just the way i fish the knap,good luck.
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