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Fladen Maxximus super sensor Tele

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I own two of the 10' multi tip boat match rods and heard that they have made a longer, continental style, telescopic version. Possibly 16', with three tips

But I can't find any info on them, can anybody help please ?

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I saw they were doing a telescopic 5m boat rod in TSF. I have not seen it anywhere, although the RRP is £129.99. I cant help thinking that its a bit long for a boat though? Especially seen as my boat is only 14ft long.
there is a 16 foot beach rod with three tips,just got one and its very nice.have a google at marine megastore they have a lot of fladen stuff.but if you do buy online ,ring them as well as they messed me about a bit.good prices though and free delivery over 50 quid.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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