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<font color='#000000'>15/16 May - Evening high tide (neap rising) - Fished 2 hrs up and 1 hour down - In the lee of Flatholm with squid, mackerel and rag baits I caught conger on squid alone, mackerel alone and rag alone. I caught rays on whole squid alone and conger on rag with squid tip. I also caught a ray on rag/squid tip and two cod also on that cocktail. Along with doggies eating all baits big or small. All bites dropped off as the tide began to ebb stongly.

There is an area of mixed ground about 100m off Flatholm slip that appears to be a ray feeding ground as the tide rises and goes into slack water. There are also alot of conger there. When the tide turns and bites stop &nbsp;move about 175m NW of the island on to the rocky grounds - the tide initially runs slower there and fish will show again (cod, rays, conger) until the tide picks again. I found it very difficult to hold bottom here with the anchor when the tide became strong. Then its time to go.

I would really appreciate it if any other Cardiff boat fishermen could let me know what other areas fish well with particular detail to what state of the tide as I have really noticed this makes all the difference.

I am more than happy to swap what I do already know about the area to anyone who helps me.


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