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Today seen me fishing around Ardmay on Loch Long from the shore.

To say the place was heaving with mackerel is an understatement.

The mackerel were tightly shoaling and chasing the baitfish right onto the weed at my feet. A few succumbed to sabikis and krills for bait

Having had some fun I decided to leave them alone and float fish the same area. Now this is where it got interesting. Depth of fishing was around 10 feet as I was fishing low tide to high and knew exactly what the depth was.

No sooner was a 1 1/2 inch by 1/4 inch mackerel sliver suspended and the float starts dipping. I even waited until there was only skin left on the 1/0 hook before striking but to no avail.

Now we all think that fishing can be easy and it can be but today was much more rewarding by catching nothing on the float as it taught me a few lessons.

Bait and depth were correct so what was I doing wrong? :cry:

Hook size IMHO was the problem. Looks like 2 size 12 trout hooks would have worked. Alas I had none.:oops:

As to what was nipping the bait? The pollack usually whack it, the mackerel!! well we know what they do. So what do you think was happening?

Ideas please.
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