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flotation suit needs a wash

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How do I wash my floaty suit.. There are no destrutions on my Imax floaty suit. Can it be washed in a machine, Or do I just hose it down ???
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Just hose it down mate.....never wash it bud.
You can then give it a spray with re-waterproofer now and again.

All the best,
Terry F.
It is ok to wash floatation suits or any waterproof suit, providing you do not use detergent. You can by special products but, they are very expensive. Every manufacturer I have encountered approves of the use of pure soap flakes. These can be bought from any supermarket. It is best to wash the suit by hand in a bath & rinse thoroughly with clean water. Best not to try washing it in a machine as no matter how many times you may flush it through, some detergent will remain in the works and as I said earlier it is the kiss of death to waterproofing. All the best "the pike".
Hi J5on,

Steam clean it.


Just remembered you can also by special water proofing liquids .All you do is soak the suit in a bath of water ,with the proofing liquid mixed in. Do this after you have washed it. It can often reproof a garment almost as good as new!.
Hi all

I have been searching for a floatation suit recently and spoke with the UK Sales Rep for Mullion Suits. Was looking at an Aquafloat suit.

On the question of cleaning the suit, she said that the Mullion suits could be washed in a washing machine at 40 deg C. In fact, she said that the Mullion suits used in oil industry were laundered by a Contract Cleaning company using Persil!

Additional info added 23 Nov: Have now bought Mullion X4 Floatation Suit. Washing instructions are: Hand Wash 30 deg C with only Soap Flakes. Drip Dry (on shaped hanger) only.

However, on NO ACCOUNT tumble dry the suit. Drip Dry only.

She also claimed that Mullion made the Mustad and Penn Floatation Suits.

It is a pity that IMAX do not put the washing instructions inside the suit like other clothing manufacturers. Have you tried contacting Svendsen Sports in the UK?


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Here is what I believe to be one of the best products out there for cleaning any waterproofs / flotation suits etc.

Just one of their many good / great products and as far as cost - approx £5.25

been selling it and using it for years
i stand in the rain with ym suit on, maybe give it a wipe with a rag if desperate. had it 2 years and it doesnt stink, always let it dry well afterwards.
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