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Hello everyone,

I'm considering giving fly fishing in the sea a go. I have flyfished for many years on rivers and reservoirs, and sea fished for longer. I am now looking to combine the two and have a go at flyfishing for saltwater species (bass/pollack/mullet/gars etc).

I live between the Gower and Pembrokeshire (which I know are good areas to start from), but I'm looking for specific marks/tactics to try. Can anyone supply a couple of marks for me to get started from? Times and state of tide etc.

Also is there a specific venue that I can try to target mullet?

I know that some of you like to keep your marks top secret, and may not wish to disclose these on the open forum. If this is the case - please feel free to PM me. ;)

Any info would be gratefully received.

Many thanks, Dan
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